Another splendiferous weekend of PRs and podiums for Stazza’s Stable athletes. We had four out of four marathon PR’s (all of them huge) and five podiums, including Aoife Cooke’s first place in the Cork to Cobh 15 miles.

On the marathon front, we had three of our Stablemates running 10+ minute PRs, with Dustin Bybee stealing the show. In only his second marathon, Dustin ran 2:21 and an 11-minute PR.

Many Stablemates ran the Cork to Cobh 15 mile race as a training run for the Dublin City Marathon—all of them ran bang on schedule/slightly better than expected. Even as a training run, Aoife Cooke still managed to win by a huge margin. Sandra Manning, treating it as a cheeky little outing before Dublin, also won her age category. 

Sources close to the Cork to Cobh event revealed that Damian Roly Poly Kenneally was arrested after the race. Apparently, he was mistaken for a psychopathic serial killer in his shades. We understand, once the cops took off his shades, he was released. Damian denies that he was threatening to sue the cops.


This week we have some of our big-hitters out racing. Stablecolt Hyrum Johnson is going in the Utah State x/c qualifier, Jens Compass Waechter  goes in the Northern Ireland orienteering championships, and Olympic hopeful (for Greece) Jen Hughes goes in the Chicago Marathon (a hard training run). 

We also have three ultra runners giving it welly: Danny The Flash Ellis and Chris Krash Pope both go in the Corner Canyon 50 (both Stablemates have solid chances in the race). It’ll be a case of youth versus experience. In the 25km event, Lorri Randle has her first run out in Stable colours.

Staying on the ultra scene, Mark Steacy goes in the UNIMAS ‘8-to-8’ 12 Hour Race. We’re all looking forward to see how the fast improving Steacy gets on.

Matthew The Chicken Slayer Maynard is all set to go in the Manchester Half Marathon on Sunday. After Manchester, Matthew is heading out to Stazza’s Stable High Altitude Training Camp for five months, to prepare for the Manchester Marathon.


From next week, we’ll have a new feature page. The page will cover interviews and profiles with Stablemates, coaches, and famous runners, starting with The Kipsang Chronicles. We’ll also have ‘THE ART OF COACHING’—with Coach Stazza. As well as launching the page with the Kipsang interview, we’ll have a special feature on orienteering and Stablemate, Jens Compass Waechter.