Another great couple of weeks for Stazza’s Stable Stablemates with rucks more PBs, podiums, and great performances. We’ve had a brilliant year and no doubt next year will bring in more awesome results and PBs.

While you are all tucking into mince pies and quaffing Dom Pérignon 2009  over Christmas, I’ll be packing my suitcase for Kenya—I’m heading out on the 28th December for two months. I suspect Maurten sachets, Maurten gels, and luxury food items will make up most of my luggage—don’t tell any of the Stablemates but I’ll have loads of chocolate and posh coffee in my suitcase (Joachim, bring a thingamajig: so we have a back up.) 

Irish national marathon champ, Aoife The Elfin Beast Cooke, arrived in Iten yesterday—Matt The Chicken Slayer Maynard is making sure she settles in. Meanwhile, her training partner, Damian Crusty Kenneally, has already forgotten her and yesterday banged out the best session of his life.

In the New Year, we’ll post weekly video updates from Kenya (we’ve got one of those cheeky little DJI Osmo Pocket thingamajigs and it’s awesome). You’ll get a good insight into life in Iten and how all the Stablemates are getting on—we’ll have a weekly update on Aoife’s Olympic journey too. You’ll meet our squad of elite Kenyan runners. We’ll interview them and you’ll see what life is really like for Kenyan runners. We’ll also have exclusive interviews with some of the world’s best runners…

And talking about elites and Olympic journeys…what a joy to see Joy Miller running so well and kicking-off her preparations for Olympic selection. Joy’s win and four-minute PB in a training run at the Rocket City Marathon has kick-started her build-up for Olympic selection—she’s hoping to make the Irish team for the 2020 Olympics. Over the next five months or so, I’ll keep you posted on how Joy is progressing over in South Carolina.

Staying with the Olympic theme…what a great run from Savannah Berry to snaffle the US Olympic Trials Qualifier at the California International Marathon. As Savannah prepares for the US Olympic Trials in Atlanta, we’ll keep you posted on how her training is progressing. We’ll also keep you updated on the other elite Stablemates as they prepare for Phoenix and Boston.

In the last two weeks, we’ve had 10 new Stablemates join—they’ll be starting with us after Christmas—all of them from Ireland. You’ll get to know them in the New Year—you’ll know a few of them already. In amongst the new male Stablemates, we have a current national champion and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on his progress next year.

On that note, I’ll leave you until I get out to Kenya. Merry Stazzamas and have a happy New Year. 

“Hey…let’s be careful out there…”

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