What a great weekend of running for Stazza’s Stable Stablemates. We had three Stablemates racing in Berlin—all three came home with huge PRs. We also had beachcomber Sheehan banging out an awesome one-minute two-second PR over 5k.

Throw into the mixer, Eric Nelson’s and Brandon Dase’s incredible performances in The Bear 100 trail race and it’s clear to see how great our Stablemates are going over all distances.


This weekend we have 10 Stablemates racing and a herd of Stablemates popping out training runs within a race (Cork to Cobh 15 miler).

Some of our elites will be on show this weekend. We have four-minute miler, Dustin Bybee running the St George marathon—Dustin’s on his way back from a longterm injury and is using St George as a fitness test for his build-up to dropping out the US Olympic Trials Qualifier (marathon).

Elite ultra trail runner, Jennifer Lambert will join Dustin on the start line of St George as she swaps her trail shoes for her racing flats.

In form, Scott Allen and Melissa Terpenning (a name for the future—watch this ‘filly’) will also go in the St George marathon.

US marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier hopefuls, Jaydn Asay and Rush Mills are racing the San Jose half and they’ll be joined by Stablemate, Sarbajeet Naug.

Still in the US, we have another elite out hammering the roads: Irish international and Olympic marathon hopeful, Joy Miller goes in the Ray Tanner 12k—in the sweltering heat and humidity of South Carolina, she’s going after the State record.

Across the pond, on the Emerald Isle, we have Stablemate, Liam Lyons racing. This will be his first outing in Stazza’s Stable colours—he’s running a local 5k.

Staying in the Rebel County (County Cork) we have a ruck of Stablemates using the Cork to Cobh 15 miler as a training run. All Stablemates are under strict instructions not to race it—I’ll have enforcers on the course to handicap any wild horses!


Next week, we will launch The Big Interview—starting with former, marathon world record holder, Wilson Kipsang. (We had hoped to bring it this week but the plague struck Joachim The Viking.)