Well, what a cracking few weeks and months we’ve had since launching the site. Podiums, national titles, and huge PBs—every week. Brilliant stuff. And that’s one of the key things we’re here for—to deliver results.

As we head into the winter and knuckle down to the graft—which brings the results—to keep you motivated, we’ll be bringing you regular updates from the Stazza’s Stable High Altitude Training Camp out in Iten, Kenya. 

We’ve got rucks of Stablemates and guests heading over this winter and spring. It’s going to be great craic . Our new six bedroom house is nearly ready, we’re just putting the finishing touches to it. The exciting news is that the washing machine has arrived—at  the house. We’re just trying to find a fundi to plumb it. There aren’t too many mafundi in Iten with experience of installing washing machines.

The elite team of pacers are all ready to help out the Stablemates and guests—they have some great routes prepared. 


In other news, I’m excited to announce that from the 10th December, Stazza’s Stable will no longer be a sole trader operation, run by me,—I’ve registered The Stable as a limited company. We’re just preparing some of the necessary legal stuff. What does this mean for you, The Stablemates?

Well, it’s great news. Majella is taking on the role of Company Secretary. She’ll deal with all the legal stuff, admin, and finances, etc, working closely with our accountants, Orchid Accountants & Statutory Audit Firm (thanks Antonio).

Joachim has been promoted from intern, coffee maker, and dogsbody to a title we haven’t come up with yet. But he’ll continue to manage all the tech stuff.

We’re also in negotiations with a soon-to-be very famous playwright. We’re hoping that the wordsmith will take on a role with The Stable News, writing features. 

We’re taking on a team over in Kenya to help run the Stazza’s Stable High Altitude Training Camp. This is fantastic. As most of you know, we started out by supporting a few runners through the Arete project. Well, rather than supporting or helping them with charitable donations from Stablemates, we’re now empowering them so that they can take control of their lives. And this exemplifies the Stable’s slogan, ‘It’s not coaching, it’s life changing.’ 

We have many more ideas and little gems to enhance your Stable experience but we’ll bring them to you, pole pole.

This also means that I will have more time to focus on you—the Stablemates. I won’t be getting bogged down with admin. 

And the great news is that Stazza’s Stable Ltd will continue to provide, what I genuinely believe to be the best coaching experience and best value product on the planet, not because of me, but, as Majella just said: “Because of Damian Crusty  Kenneally’s, fast twitch fibre bread.”