Some of you have met The Grand Stablemaster (Edwardo Starrett—aka, The Stablemaster’s dad), and for those of you who haven’t, he helps me out with sessions—notably, the world-famous downpour session in Castleisland, which contributed to James Doran winning the European Masters HM Champs. He’s also great for bouncing ideas off about how to enhance your Stable experience. With this in mind, from the 6th Sept. until the 17th Sept., The Grand Stablemaster will join me for a sojourn at a secret location* on the Mediterranean coast, where we will review all things Stazza’s Stable and all Stablemates.

As part of the review, we will look at each Stablemate and analyse how things have gone over the year or so, and how we can help each Stablemate press on to the next level.

We’ll also look at ways/ideas to improve your experience; if you have any ideas/suggestions that you’d like to see implemented/considered, please let me know via email. (I can’t guarantee that all ideas will find a way into The Stable, but we will consider all suggestions.)

As you all know, we recently introduced the Super Love Incentive Plan (SLIP):, the referral plan, and the loyalty deal, but we’re not happy with that, and so we’re looking to improve things. We want to focus on procedures (Weekly Feedback, WhatsApp messages, reviews, etc.) and how to tighten up and improve this facet of your experience.

Other areas we’ll look at developing/examining: 

Coaching the Coaches

This went down really well and we’d like to make this a regular feature within the group.

Zoom meetings/Webinars 

Again, the Marathon Chat Zoom meeting proved a huge success—with over 150 Stablemates asking for the recording of the meeting and 48 Stablemates in attendance. We’ll look at how we can develop this—already, and as a result of the Marathon Chat Zoom meeting, Christian has sorted a Zoom call for me with the head of nutrition at Maurten (this takes place on Thursday 2nd Sept. @ 5 p.m. Irish time). We have some ideas for developing this, but maybe you have some too …

The Stable News

What a fantastic job Ally Smith and General Puffball have done with this (note: I’m not General Puffball). The guys have taken what I started and developed it into something much better. They’ve taken a lot of work off me so I can focus more on you. Thanks to all who have completed the “Better Know a Stablemate”—it’s a huge success and interesting. The race reports are hilarious and pepper The Stable experience with some added fun and spice, along with well-deserved recognition for Stablemates.

Kenya and warm-weather training camps

The Stable HQ in Iten has seen a huge refurb and it’s ready to welcome guests from around the globe. We’ve extended the premises to include a new dining area, a new six-bedroom block, and a few surprises. We’re full for all of January and February and bookings are rolling in for later in the year. 

We’ll also investigate the feasibility of affordable warm-weather training camps—with full coaching offered.

Contra deals

We’ll look at companies we can link up with and bring extra value to your experience. Discounts, etc.


Within the group, we have some interesting Stablemates. For example, we have a number of high school coaches—perhaps we can set up meetings for these guys to exchange ideas and help each other. We have film-makers, nutritionists, chefs, Big Business Geezers, sports med docs, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and even a Hollywood superstar (seriously). If we can wake up Joachim the Viking from his early/mid-twenties slumber, he might facilitate this through the long-awaited forum on the website …

You get the idea: now fire in your ideas of what you’d like to see.

I know it’s been a tough 18 months, but we’re already seeing huge PRs/PBs coming out of the COVID era. Nearly all of you are about to make huge and well-deserved breakthroughs, and this excites me. But what excites me most is how you guys have turned this coaching group into a genuine global community, where club runners become Olympians, PRs tumble, friendships form, and the veracity of: “It’s not just coaching, it’s life changing” speaks for itself.

*While The Stablemaster(s) will spend several hours working on enhancing your Stable experience, we will take regular breaks to enjoy the sunshine and coastal views, to visit certain Michelin restaurants, and indubitably, myriad quality wines, we shall quaff.