The Stablemaster’s Address To Stazzaland

Irish Stablemates of Stazzaland, this morning, you’ve risen to an existential crises: how are you going to train, protect your families, and survive the lockdown? Although these times will fray every fibre of your being, you have nothing to fear. Why not? 

Stazza’s Stable is the greatest training group on the planet. We are the shining Stable on the hill, The Stable full of legends, potential legends, and knackered nags. 

Our Stable is the envy of the world. Across this planet, many training groups strive to emulate our brilliance. They fail. Why? 

No, it’s not because of me, The Stablemaster; it’s you, The Stablemates. You are The Stable that shines brightly on the hill, you are The Stable that, week-in week-out, drops-out more PBs, podiums, and great performances than any other training group, you are The Stable that the world is talking about. You are, The Stable. 

What makes you, The Stablemates, so great and an inspiration to others? 

When the world began to crumble under the attack of Covid-19, not one of you panicked, not one of whinged about cancelled races, and not one of you threw in the towel. 

Instead, each of you saw the opportunity where others floundered in a mire of gloom and pessimism. 

And now, as we’re challenged with the greatest of all challenges (our livelihoods, our lives, and the lives of those whom we love), again you will rise and show your form, your class, and your ability to flex and overcome any hurdle. You are, The Stable. 

We now face the challenge of a 2km radius for all runs, we now face the challenge of many losing jobs, and we now face the challenge to end all challenges: given the quarantine, it’s likely you’ll produce many Stable foals. Remember, only one good thing happens around midnight, but love only lasts a night and you pay for the folly of love for a lifetime. Be safe… 

The 2km radius is no hurdle for you thoroughbreds. You all know the many times told story of your founder, The Stablemaster, you all know how for five months he pretty much ran 130-170 miles per week (mainly in the 7’-7’59” pace area) on a 1.4 mile, concrete loop, and you know that during those five months—as a 52 year old codger—he ran many 30 and 40 milers on a 1km loop, in the hail and in the rain and in winds that would have sliced many a-man in half. Now is the time for you to rise up, arm yourself with the resilience and inveterate fortitude that’s a quality of all Stablemates, and now is the time for you to show the running world why Your Stable is full of the brightest stars in the running world. 

There will be times when you struggle on the road to greatness, but fear not… 

If you’ve lost your job, if you’re battling with your demons on the 2km road in the Covid-19 blizzard from hell, or if you need toilet roll, pasta, or paracetamol, together, we can overcome and find a way through the darkest hours, together we’ll pull each other through this war, and together we will come out the other side of this apocalypse, shoulder to shoulder, standing tall, and shining bright. 

You are the cynosure for runners around the globe, you are Stazza’s Stable Stablemates, you are, The Stable.