The General

We’ve got him—General Puffball. As many of you know, he’s a world-famous playwright and scintillating journo. He’s kicking-off his account with a tidy article on the US Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m sure you’ll enjoy General Puffball’s intelligence, pithy style, wit, and eloquent wordsmithery. 

The Big News

Great to see Stablemate Jack Spencer annihilating his marathon PB by 26 minutes. To take that amount of time off his PB with just seven months training, shows what can be done. So many runners in and around the 3:05-3:10 mark struggle to break 3hrs and our Jack went from 3:21 down to 2:55. If we can keep him healthy and consistent, he’ll get down under 2:40 in autumn.

US Olympic Marathon Trials

As General Puffball mentioned in his article, Stazza’s Stable had three qualifiers for the US Olympic Marathon Trials…

Joy Miller opted out and will focus on raking in loads of coin from half marathons and smaller races—next year, she will look at making a major impact on the Irish distance running scene (although Joy resides in the US, and has done for many years, she’s Irish).

Bryant The Kid Jensen will round-off a great running career with his first ever US Olympic Marathon Trials. Prior to working with The Stablemaster, Coach Stazza, Bryant had several unsuccessful attempts at making the Olympic Trials Qualifier (OTQ) but in his first go at the OTQ as a Stablemate, he nailed it.

And while Bryant is heading into the autumn of his running career, Stablemate Savannah Berry launches a marathon career full of promise. When budding Berry joined Stazza’s Stable in April, she had a marathon PB of 3:14:14 and a half marathon PB of 1:22:43. In eight months, she’s taken eight minutes off her half marathon PB, lowering it to 74 minutes, and a whopping 30 minutes off her marathon PB, reducing it from 3:14:14 to 2:44:12. Unfortunately, Savannah’s struggling with plantar fasciitis but will give the trials a decent lash. Watch out for Stablemate Berry in the 2024 trials: she has the necessary talent to get in the mix and contest for an Olympic berth—you heard it here first. 


We have several Stablemates preparing for 10 milers, ultras, and marathons. The next few weeks and months will prove exciting and no doubt, we’ll have rucks of great PBs.


We have some exciting news about Kenya: next week, we launch the fully inclusive, Stazza’s Stable Kenya Run Camps. Places on these camps are limited to six people per camp—it’s first come, first served. Tune in next week for full details…