A great weekend of racing and miracles for Stazza’s Stable. 

Bennyboy Van Beekum’s two-in-a-row at the Huntsville marathon stood out. But it’s great to see Riley Cook bouncing back after his horrendous accident—he shattered his spine on his kids’ trampoline, performing a backdrop—Riley will now turn his attention to CIM, where he’ll join several Stablemates in the quest for Olympic Trials glory. Young Danny Ellis’ great win at the Bear 15 sets him up nicely for the Corner Canyon trail ultra. And of course, Oisin Spillane’s miraculous return from the dead was the real highlight of the weekend.

This Weekend

This weekend, we have seven goers. Eric Nelson—fresh from his great performance at the Leadville 100—and ultra trail legend, Brandon Dase, go in The Bear 100 miler. Both Stablemates are flying right now and will prove relentless in dishing out the pain to their competition. 

We also have Padraig Sheehan slipping on his dancin’ shoes this Sunday—he’s going in a secret 5k. Padraig’s in great form after spending several months bumming around beaches in South America. 

Then, over in Berlin we have, Marcus Brown, Mark Murphy, Klemen Magajne, and Sameer Khurana. All the Stablemates are looking for great runs—we’ll keep you posted.

Upcoming Races

We have rucks of Stablemates preparing for big races and the next few weeks will prove exciting as I’m sure Stazza’s Stable will dominate most of these big races. We’ll have big wins, huge PRs, and great fun.

Next Week

Now that we have the site up-and-running, we’ll bring you more great reads. Next week, to kick-off The Big Interview feature, we have an exclusive with former marathon world record holder, Wilson Kipsang. We chit-chatted over a cup of rosemary fused chai and chapati, in his hotel, Keellu Resort. We have Stazzasnaps and video footage of him training with Stazza’s Stable Stablemates—he had some interesting stuff to say about, Kipchoge.  We’ll have the usual race reports and round-ups, and other gems.

The Yard

The Stazza’s Stable Forum (The Yard) is all sorted now and we’ll open it very soon—for you delectable pleasure…