MUSIC: The hills are alive with sound of Lorri, panting

Stablemate Lorri Randle had her first outing in Stable colours and managed to bang out a 12-minute PR over the Corner Canyon 25km race. Here’s her overview

Got really antsy and nervous about this race. I tried not too but I wanted to do well for me and for The Stable!! 

I started in the back. I don’t normally do this but I didn’t want the pressure of keeping up or being pushed too fast. 

I knew there was some flat running but also a decent amount of uphill for the first half of the race. 

I kept finding my heart rate climbing on the first hill at mile 3.  I slowed to a walk, popped a gel in and got myself out of the mental funk by looking around at the course which has sooo many awesome fall colors. I thought about how it was great to just be out there!!

ODE TO AUTUMN:…”thou hast thy music too,— 

While barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day, 

   And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue; “

From that point I just ran my own race, smiling and ENJOYING every twist, turn, uphill, downhill and kept repeating I’m doing it!! I’m finally out here!! 

Besides some muscle cramps that will need some care, I felt strong and mentally in the game the rest of the way. 

I used Maurten gels at 45mins and then every 30mins. I kind of got sick of them and got hungry at mile 13 so I ran faster to get to the finish line food lol

Despite two months off this year, I nailed a 12-min PR from last year and that has me SO EXCITED for the adventure ahead! 

The Stablemaster, Coach Stazza, told The Stable News: “I’m delighted for Lorri and super proud of her. She’s worked hard since she started with us and to see her finally out and racing is great. Come Spring 2020, she’ll be turning heads in the Utah hills…”