Ultra Stablemate Scott “Swiggy” Wiggans took no prisoners as he came away in sixth place overall at the Gloucester 24-Hour Track Race, racking up an incredible 111.8 miles around the Blackbridge Jubilee Athletics Track. 

The tartan of dreams.

Over the course of a 24–hour endeavour, the scenery might not change—but the weather sure does. The nighttime saw torrential rain, and blasts of wind almost blew away the gazebos. A few competitors decided to hunker down and dodge the breeze or vomit; one or the other. 

The Stable News ultra groupie, Ally “the Chin” Smith, let Swiggy recover for a few days before pestering the life out of him: 

Ally: Hi, Scott. Stazza gave me your number to have a chat about your début 24-hour race. Congrats on sixth place and going well over 100 miles.

Scott: No worries at all, Ally. Yes, I finished sixth with 111.8 miles. (Forgot to put my timing chip on when changing socks, so I did a lap and half that didn’t register. 😂) Luckily, a girl in my area noticed it on the floor and ran out to me later, as I could have done the whole race without it. 

Ally: Ooft, that’s a close one. Obviously, this is your 24-hour PB, but is there anything similar we can compare it to? 

Scott: My previous longest race was 50 miles, and I came 24th in the Manchester to Liverpool Ultra 50 in April 2023, with a time of 7 hours and 54 minutes. 

Ally: Holy smokes! That’s a great time for a 50-miler. Cracking stuff. Now, let’s get into the juicy details of the hell on Earth you signed up for. 

Scott: The race went better than I’d thought. Being on a track, I was expecting the worst—and it did deliver—but there were also great highs and lows. A good few runners were puking at the side of the track. 

At mile 81, I thought I was done. I gathered myself in this worst of moments and thought of my son Teddy, who I promised I’d get 100 miles.

Medium cool.

After that, a miracle happened and something switched, and I found something to get past the 100. 

Perking up.

Ally: Unbelievable, man! Sounds like a war zone. It’s in the worst of times that a small glimmer of hope can get us through. You up for doing another one? 

Scott: I’m thinking about it. Another 24-hour race is on the cards, and I would like to hit some marathons and a 50-mile race in training. But my big aim is to beat my 111.8. 

Ally: What made you get into running in the first place? You like to push yourself to the limit, I see. 

Scott: I gave up drink and drugs in 2013 (will be 10 years sober on October 1) and was lost looking for a void to fill. I had never run in my life (hated running, never seen the point). 

Ally: I get it. 

Scott: Then, I ran my first marathon in 2015 (Manchester in 3:53) and fell in love with the process, the going out and putting yourself out there. 

The challenge excited me and kept me from thinking of drink and drugs (cocaine), and now, 21 marathons and seven ultras later (3×28 miles, 2×32 miles, 1×50 miles, 1×24 hours), it’s the running that has saved me.

Ally: Well done on giving up the drink and drugs, man. Running seems to be the thing that helps addicts get “addicted” to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve known plenty of folk who were alcoholics and took up running, and it saved them as well. Inspirational stuff, man. 

PS: Stazza said you liked his “Turkey teeth” so much you went and got your own, ha-ha. Would’ve been handy to see through the night if the floodlights weren’t there. 😁

Scott: HAHAHAHA! P*ss off; Stazza got his after me! I’ve had mine for three years … He saw mine. That’s the truth. He ain’t pulling that one, hahaha. 

Ally: Ha-ha. I’ll leave you to sort it out with him, ha-ha. Amazing achievement, Scott, and I’ve no doubt in my mind that you’ll smash 111.8 out the park. Until next time, my man.

Scott: Cheers, mate; catch you later. 

Coach Stazza had just finished polishing his pearly (or should it be plastic) whites when the News broke on Wiggans’ wondrous wander:

“Like a phoenix from the ashes, Scott rose well inside the top 10 after a horrendous night on the track … He went against my advice and chomped down pizza and coffee in the middle of the night … But he has an iron gut to go along with his iron will. 

He thought he’d never run again after a seriously bad van crash in 2021 (lucky to be alive), which left him with a broken leg and pins in his ankle … But nothing’s gonna stop him now … Well in, Scott, well in.”

A fortunate escape.