Gazing pensively across the Claddagh.

Stablemate John Burton (45) smashed out an incredible run at the Galway Bay Half-Marathon with a stonking 1:21:29! The fly fishing enthusiast got under 82 minutes by a gnat’s hair and flicked 2’48” off his previous best.

Burton also stuck his hook into the top finishers, placing 10th overall and fourth among his age-graded peers.

Burton told The Stable News:

“Good atmosphere. I started nice and comfortable and then progressed into a steady pace. It was a looped course. On mile nine, the wind picked up slightly, and the wheels came off for me. I lost momentum at this point, and it became a case of gritting and getting it done. Stablemate Iain O’Callaghan rocked up beside me at this stage, looking strong. He provided moral support, but on the way back in he put down the hammer and left me. Will be keeping an eye out for Iain in future races. 😉 Was great to see and meet a few Stablemates at the course.”

Back at The Stable News, Ally “the Chin” Smith was getting all the Halloween decorations out from the loft in preparation for the upcoming party: “Every year! I say it every year! Put all the decorations in one place, so I don’t need to go searching for everything. I still can’t find Stazza’s skeleton. What’s that? JB? Aye, a cracking run from him. Fighting the wind would’ve been tough, but at least he got a pull from Iain. He’ll just need to hang on harder the next time  … Right: where’s that blinking skeleton?” 

Coach Stazza called The Stable News while taking a break from drawing Jellybaby like Jack drew Rose in Titanic: “Just stay there for me, love; I’ll be two ticks. Another cracking run by ‘John-Boy.’ He chooses his races wisely and gets the results he’s after. Well done, John.”

Burton will be back in action at the Tralee Half-Marathon, hoping to land himself another big PB.