SMASHING STUFF: Sameer smashes his marathon PR---again

At Sunday’s California International Marathon, Sameer Khurana dropped out a 20-minute PB, lowering his previous time of 3:57 to 3:37.

Stablemate Sameer started with Stazza’s Stable at the end of August and already, in just three months and a tickle, he’s taken 40 minutes off his marathon PB.

Stravaite, Kathirazhagan Appavoo, posted on Sameer’s Strava feed: “Wow Sameer Khurana !!! Awesome. Congratulations on the huge PR. Rocking.”

Legendary (in his own lunchtime) coach, Coach Stazza posted on Sameer’s run: “Huge PR!!!! Another 20-minutes off your PR and we’re just getting started. Brilliant running, Sameeer. Well done. Super proud of you. Rest up and have a beer or ten.”

Several Stablemates took to the Stazza’s Stable Strava group to congratulate Sameer on his awesome run. Sameer thanked his Stablemates and went on to praise his fellow Stablemates who ran in California. He highlighted Savannah Berry, who achieved the Olympic Trials Qualifier and thanked his coach: “Congratulations to Savannah for the OTQ and other fellow runners who gave their Best and fought hard!!…Thanks everyone for your wishes and especially to our awesome coach John!!”

Sameer is taking it easy for week before getting back at it. In the New Year, he’ll work towards his lifelong dream and getting the Boston Qualifier…