His Majesty himself.

Stablemate Steve “Lego Master” King (49) laid a solid aerobic foundation before heading towards the skyscraper that is the Manchester Marathon. King hammered the 26.2 miles to the top of the course in a brick-bashing 3:15:14, levelling 13’26” off his PB in the process.

A builder by trade, he’s used to all weathers, and 5℃ set up a delightful morning for the calloused King, who threw down the miles like cups of milky tea. He placed 2,255th overall and 276th M45.

A Steve-certified certificate.

“The Chin” was keeping himself busy (having been recruited by other volunteers) dishing out foil blankets and impersonating the Gallaghers in his parka and yellow sunglasses:

Ally: Champagne supernova if you diiiiiieeee … Oh, there’s arr Steve; better go give him his medal. Y’aright, Steve?

Steve: Yeah, mate, thanks.

Ally: Nice one, mate, sorted; how’d ya get on out there?

Steve: The race was going well, with the target of 3:05 being the goal up to 18/19 miles—then the wheels came off, and I ran out of gas.


Ally: Ah, mate, sorry about that. On the bright side, you bagged a whopper of a PB.

Steve: Thanks, Ally. Onwards to the Big Half in London this September and some 10K races over the summer to gain more speed.

Ally: Yeah, excellent—sorted, mate. Keep that up, and 3:05 (and beyond) will be yours.

The Stable News stopped by Coach Stazza’s garage, where we found him polishing his copper handbells: “Wahey! You should hear these little beauties going full gong; I’m like the Jean-Michel Jarre of bell ringing, ha-ha.” 

“That’s very nice, Coach, but we’re here to ask about Steve King’s run at Manchester.”

“Oh, right you are. A solid trot from the brickie boy. The wheels may have come off near the end, but we’ll get that fixed … Enjoy your 13’ PB and this little ditty.”

“We’re all right, Coach. See you back in the office.”