THEY'RE OFF: The first race gets underway

The Bandit Races, Blue Bell 10km took place in Killarney National Park a few weeks back and proved a huge success with some smashing PBs on a tough course.

RACE FACES: Time to get serious…

Coach Stazza blagged the runners into believing they were racing on a super fast course but it transpired that he had their pants down.

THE SQUEEZE: Ken The Fisheemonger Ince puts the squeeze on fast improving Kerryman, Brendan The Bull Sheehan

Coach Stazza told The Stable News: “Sure, the lads loved it. Rather than phaffing about on a flat and short course, today they had to graft and race. It gave myself, and coaches, Aoife Cooke and the Grand Stablemaster, Edwardo Philipeeo Starrett, a chance to see the form. There was nowhere to hide today. Still, on a tough course, we had a large number of PBs. The only disappointment was Aoife Cooke’s young fella, Gary Walsh, took the win—she hasn’t stopped wittering on since.”

YOUR WINNER: Garry Walsh, of Aoife Cooke Fitness, canters to victory in the Blue Bell 10km

The 7-lap course, loaded with a gargantuan hill on each loop and several sharp turns, proved too tough for some. While the course sorted the men from the boys, especially in the elite[ish] race, several Stablemates and runners from Aoife Cooke Fitness managed excellent PBs.

SCHADENFREUDE AND THE ART OF SOCIAL DISTANCING: Coach, Aoife Cooke, gives Coach Stazza a headache as she tells him she’s eaten the last two caramel muffins as her prize for Gary winning.

Three races were run with 15 runners going each time. The Grand Stablemaster, Edwardo Philipeeo Starrett, dropped-out a cameo and helped with the timing.

GOTCHA! “I’M TELLING MOM”: The Grand Stablemaster snaffles a salted caramel muffin #likefatherlikeson