Nikki Woodyard claimed the win in Chelmsford.

It was winner winner chicken dinner for Stablemate Nicola “the Chop” Woodyard at the Chelmsford Marathon in Essex, as she stormed to victory in a stellar 3:02:57.

The super busy working mum was driving on with her training (feeling in tip-top shape) until she came down with the lurgy three weeks out—scuppering plans of yelling “Timber” at her lifetime best of 2:56.

The Stable News steadfast scribe, Ally “the Chin” Smith, hounded the Chop for a report; she eventually responded while nursing a stinking hangover:

Nikki: Sorry for the delay in replying, Ally, but I’m recovering from 10 days in Mauritius with Stazza.

Ally: Ha-ha, not to worry. Tell me all about this wonderful win. 

Nikki: I wasn’t sure whether to run and only decided the day before to give it a go, even though I still had a cough and a cold.

Ally: Risky business, that. Stazza would advise against that sort of behaviour, so I’m guessing you didn’t let on too much.

Nikki: You’d guess right. Plus, it was perfect running conditions: dry, blue sky, and 5℃, so I thought, Why not?

Ally: You know yourself better than anyone, and being a district nurse, you’ve seen a fair share of coughs and colds. How was the route?

Nikki: It’s an undulating race, so not the easiest, but you have a clear run, as it’s not got the crowds.

Breathing room.

Ally: Just like a long Sunday training run, then, ha-ha. Any more outings on the horizon?

Nikki: Nothing in the diary as yet … Maybe the London Marathon.

Ally: A bit busier than Chelmsford, eh? Honestly, Nikki, a massive well done on the win. I’ll let you get back to the couch with a curer; a Bloody Mary might sort you out.

Nikki: Thanks, Ally. I’ll give anything a bash!

Back at the villa, Coach Stazza was chilling to the cool sounds of Gregory Isaacs in contemplative tribute to the Chop’s terrific triumph:

Night nurse! Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst.

Nikki had a blast here, and it was well deserved after the big win in Essex … Enjoy the hangover … Because if London is on the cards, it’s a good job your daughter likes to wake up early.”