The BANDIT RACES National 10km Championship will take place on Saturday, 3rd October. The event will take place under strict protocols and adherence to public health measures. The Stable News understands that after an extensive search, BANDIT RACES has secured a fantastic course, which will ensure fast times.

The Stable News caught up with The Stablemaster after he finished his morning run around the Blackrock 10 course and asked him about the BANDIT RACES National 10km Championship: “Stoked to be putting on this event. It’s going to be a cracker. We’ve managed to secure the fastest 10km course in Ireland. Great for racing and PBs.”

“…all races are free to enter”

When asked about BANDIT RACES, The Stablemaster said: “It comes under the umbrella of Stazza’s Stable Ltd. Originally, I set it up to provide Verheul ‘Matches’ for my runners during lockdown. I’ve now developed it to put on races for everybody. But here’s the rub: all races are free to enter. Throughout the autumn and winter, Bandit races will host free races. All races will adhere to public health measures.”

The Stable News pressed The Stablemaster on this matter and asked how he could put on free races and keep within public health measures: “It’s not rocket science. Stay tuned…”