Chasing No 474.

Stazza’s Stable Elite Racing Squaddie Kate Drew sliced another 44” from her PB at the Speedway 10K, going sub-34 in a jaw-dropping 33:58. 

The Stable News’ dogged reporter, Ally “the Chin” Smith, hounded Drew for a few words: “My laptop is broken, and I’m snowed under at work—sorry, Ally.” 

Not to be deterred, the plucky upstart dug deep into his journalistic skills to uncover that Drew was 112th overall and a scintillating sixth female. Wowzers! 

The Chin gave the old Stablemaster a call for a catch-up and an assessment of Drew’s performance: 

“Everything’s fine here, Ally; how’s sunny Scotland?” 

“Pure pants, but what can you do? What did you make of Kate Drew’s Speedway 10K? Fantastic, if you ask me.”

“Fantastic is an understatement: back-to-back 10K PBs, juggling training, work, and you pestering the poor girl—she deserves a medal. And she’s inching ever closer to a podium spot!”