On the grid.

Fresh out the wrapper, Stablemate James “Money Man” Whittington popped his full ‘thon cherry with a stonking 2:52:16 and a sensational second place overall in a RunThrough Running GP at Goodwood Motor Circuit.  

Starting order.

The weather was warm and windy at the track, which is just outside the city of Chichester in the UK. The magnate was lucky to keep his briefs dry, as he finished just before a torrential thunderstorm. Get in

Ally “the Chin” Smith made the arduous journey by chariot to the Roman town to hear from the young dad of soon-to-be three: 

Ally: What a début, James! I’m guessing there was plenty of training in the bank to cash it in like that.  

James: Yes, this was my first-ever marathon training block. Couldn’t have gone any better, really. 

Ally: How did you find it? 

James: 11 identical laps wasn’t the most interesting of routes, and the uphill/into the wind stretch at the end of each one was tough. 

It was great for pacing strategy and fuelling, though. And I beat my target by three minutes

Ally: Quality. 

James: I went off a little fast but held on and managed a slight negative split. Didn’t quite smash the last 10km as I was told to by John!


Ally: Who can blame you for going off a wee bit quicker than you should’ve—excitement gets the better of us all. You kept pace and got a negative split! Nothing but positives to take away from this one, mate. What’s next on the horizon? 

James: l’ll work on my 10K and half times, with a view to doing another autumn marathon next year. And with two young kids (four and two) and another due in November, it doesn’t leave room for much else. 

Ally: Ooft, two young kids and another on the way! You’ll be booking in for the snip after that, hahaha. 

James: Tell me about it! 

Ally: And no wonder you went for a marathon block; all those long runs give you plenty time for yourself, eh? 

James: Shhh, don’t let Mrs Whittington hear that, ha! 

Coach Stazza had volunteered as the subject for a local life-drawing group when the News called: 

Ooooh, it’s a bit chilly in here, if you catch my drift … But art is life after all … And this lot should be lucky they get a specimen like me to draw. 

On to the matter at hand … A sterling execution on your premier outing over 26.2, James … There’s big things to come for you, my boy … Watch this space!”