A flying finish.

Fresh off of joining the 40 club, Stablemate Barry “the Principal” Condron erased 15” from his personal best at the Courcey AC 5 Mile. The ’80s baby placed 14th overall and sixth M40 with a stunning 31:14. 

The Principal had this to say for himself to The Stable News:

“Well organised, amazing scenery, but not exactly a fast course! I would describe it as ‘undulating.’ Most of the elevation gain was in the first mile and a half, and it was into a headwind.”

Blown away.

A quarter-minute PB and he’s still padding it out with a wee excuse; come on, sir!

Coach Stazza had just issued “the Chin” with 1,000 lines—I MUST NOT WEAR COACH’S VAPORFLY TO MOW THE LAWN—before he offered this comment: 

“Now that’s out of the way, I must congratulate you, Principal Condron … A steady effort into the wind and up the hill, culminating in a solid record … Here, have a gold star!”

The headteacher will be gunning for another shiny sticker from Coach at the Streets of Killarney 5 Mile at the end of the month.