GOIN’ 90

Pixel nation.

Stablemate Neil “Christmas” Carroll, fa-la-la-la-la’d a harmonising 2’39” off his PR at the Run Galway Bay Marathon in Ireland with a dashing 3:06:15.

The 41-year-old social care worker intelligently managed the hamstring niggle he’d acquired a month prior to finish 13th overall and fourth M40.

He was also blessed (or cursed) with unusually warm weather—19-20℃. So not too nice for our lad Christmas.

The Stable News jingle bell journo, Ally “the Chin” Smith, received this pretty little package in the post:

“The race went as well as I could have hoped. I picked up an injury a few weeks before and had to manage that. I had wished for a faster time but was glad to be able to finish and pick up a PB on the way.”

The Stablemaster was tucking into some tea and biscuits when he called the News with this crumbly comment: 

“Christmas has come early for young Neil Carroll … He handled the strain carefully and kept his head to finish with a cracking time … Now let’s get him healed and then tune up with a few shorter races before we melt that record and crush the ghost of sub-3 future.”