"Silence! Silence! I'll have no more of it!"

Stablemate Darragh “the Dean” Roe had the stride of his life at the Dublin Marathon, steaming 11 minutes off his full ‘thon PR, registering 3:11:13, and bagging a whopping 33-minute personal course best. 

The primary school principal thought the conditions on the day were idyllic: cool, with misty patches and no wind. He was lucky to finish as fast as he did, as the heavens opened. But he would’ve still chucked the school kids out in it, so it couldn’t have been that bad. 

The Stable News not-so-undercover journo, Ally “the Chin” Smith, was finishing off his Fallon & Byrne packed lunch when the Dean dived in: 

Ally: Good afternoon, Darragh. How did it go today? 

Darragh: It could not have gone better. It was my third time to run Dublin. Both other times, I was delirious before I reached the 20-mile mark, but today I was strong and controlled throughout.

Ally: Fandabi! A terrific trot from the headmaster; what’s next on the horizon? 

Darragh: I qualified “Good For Age” for Chicago! Soooooo excited to begin preparations for running in the Windy City! 

Ally: Teacher’s pet, hahaha! Seriously though, a superb performance today, Darragh—well in. 

Darragh: Thanks, Ally. 

The Stablemaster was tucking into some Eve’s pudding and custard when the News called: 

“Oh my gosh! … How good are school puddings? … The Dean shipped me over a bunch of trays as a thank you … Didn’t he do well? … He cranked it all the way to secure a chunky double best … Good man!”