Ruthlessly efficient.

Stazza’s Stable Elite Racing Squaddie Ruth “Flying” Fitzgerald hammered out a banging 58:10 (eight seconds off her best) at the John Treacy Dungarvan 10 Mile, nailing second female in extremely windy, bone-crushing conditions.

To highlight how awful the weather was, Nike Pegasus 36 fan club president, Tim Long—who is normally as tenacious as they come—wimped out of the race because of the “apocalyptic weather.” Obviously, Fitzgerald is made of tougher stuff.

The Stable News wangled a few minutes with the soon-to-be-champ to hear how it went:

“Really happy, considering the horrific conditions, I had to work very hard to get that time. It’s a fantastic race, and the atmosphere was amazing.”

A photographic finish.

The Stable News invited Coach Stazza and Ally “the Chin” Smith to a Zoom call to discuss Ruth’s ravishing run:

CS: Hello? Hell-O? How do you work this bloody thing? It’s been a while since my last Zoom.

AS: A’richt, Coach, yer dain fine. Ah can see ye; ye jist need to turn oan yer mic.

SN: Let’s get on with the matter at hand. Tell me your thoughts on Fitzgerald’s latest showing.

AS: A’ll go first. Rrruth is rreally rrripping up the rrraces! Could ye understand all the rolling R’s? Hahaha! She’s building up vee-rry nicely and prrrovin’ a rrrreal talent.

CS: You are spot on, Ally; she was involved in a bit of a battle with a couple of other women for a hard-earned second place behind Aoife Cooke. Next year, it’ll be the top spot for you, Ruth. Mark my words.

Flying Fitzgerald’s next target will be throwing her hammer at a 10K PB pulverisation.