Dreaming of custard creams.

Stablemate Jamie “Dodger” McCarthy chomped a gobsmackingly ginormous 42 minutes off his PB at the Run Galway Bay Marathon. Running 3:04:20 and finishing 17th overall, Dodger chewed through the miles like he would a packet of biscuits on his tea break.

McCarthy marvelled at the conditions of the day: “Pretty good, with a pickup of wind towards the end,” thinking how many delicious shortcake sandwiches with a sticky splat of “Jammie” mischief he could have once it was done.

He told The Stable News: “It was pretty good—no complaints, really. Can’t with a PB like that. 😂 I’ll savour it for a good while, listen to Coach Stazza, and maybe tackle the Cork City Marathon in 2022.”

The Stable News’ chief biscuit connoisseur, Ally “Bourbon Boy” Smith’s ears pricked up when he heard of the Dodger’s run and many a biscuit: “Bourbons are by far and away the best biscuit on the planet, followed by chocolate digestives in a close second. Jamie Dodger deserves a truckload of sweet treats for that stonkingly good PB … But he should only have them post-race … For about a week, hahaha. Well done, Jamie—superb.”

Not one to miss out on anything tasty or triumphant, Coach Stazza sat down his Châteauneuf-du-Pape and exclaimed: “You little Jammie Dodger! Top running, young Jamie—huge PB and many congratulations! However, you really need to broaden your biscuit base; pop round mine later and I’ll teach you all about the intricacies of a Viennese whirl. 😉”