LAMBERTGHINI: Fast Jen, wearing the white cap, at the St George finish line

Ultra trail running legend, Jennifer Lamborghini Lambert, pooped out a breathtaking 14-minute PR at Saturday’s St George Marathon, coming home in 3:09.

Lightningfast Lambert told The Stable News: “Well, that was an awesome experience. Two PRs today: six bathroom stops the first 15 miles and then a stomach that turned and allowed me to RUN the last 10 miles to pull in a 14-minute PR. No regrets, just gratitude and love for the process and growth.”

Lambert believes that her bathroom breaks cost her 6 minutes. Without the potty stops, she feels she would have run a 20-minute PR.

Lambert’s normally found racing and winning ultra trail races where, like at St George, she normally negative splits races. 

On August the 3rd, Lambert won the tough El Vaquero Loco 50 trail race and said: ”I sprinted to the finish line in 6:05! I had met my goal to finish under 6:10 AND negative split the course. Despite the RD’s (Race Director) warning to us runners the night before “you can’t negative split this course,” he said, “so don’t think about it,” I am a back-half runner. And I negative split it by five minutes.”

Next up for Lambert is the New York City Marathon…