Bottle rocket.

Stablemate James “Body Check” Ngai slammed through the Tunnel Light Marathon (Snoqualmie, Washington) in a bone-crunching 2:58:55, taking 45th overall and 15th in his age category (30-39).

Here’s what the ice hockey aficionado told The Stable News about the experience:

“The 2+ mile-long tunnel is the main ‘feature’ of the race, and it’s kind of a strange experience. It’s a bit claustrophobic and stuffy, but it happens so early that you just kind of want to get through it. This was also my first time running a race on gravel. It was well packed, but you definitely lose a few seconds on every mile.”

Ngai’s handler, Coach Stazza, had this to add: 

“Body Check does it again! A 2:58-high through a tunnel and on gravel … A veritable Gordie Howe hat trick, if I do say so myself … Let’s get you back on the road for a face-off with your PB … It’s going down!”

While Coach Stazza is calling for a PR ‘thon, Ngai isn’t so sure; he says he’ll take a well-earned rest before looking to barnburn a half-Mary in the spring.

We’ll see you then, James.