Proud clubmates.

Stablemate Sally “Tiny Dancer” Forristal flambéed the field at the Pink Rock 10K in south Kilkenny, smashing home in second place. And that’s not all—as the race incorporated the county championships, our girl threw more fuel on the fire to take that title with a 36:36 clocking, shaving four seconds off her best. 

The Stable News pinned down the rocketwoman for a (cough) very brief synopsis: 

“It was a well-organised race and a lovely course. Started with a downhill, and then it was flat for 9km.”

Thrilling the St Joseph’s massive.

Sounds positively perfect! 

Meanwhile, Coach Stazza and “the Chin” were snuggled up on the couch for a Rocky movie marathon (only I through IV; they get rubbish after that): 

Ally: Oh, yes! Now I and II are out the way, it’s time for Clubber Lang: “You ain’t no champ; I pity the fool!” … Rising up, back on the street! 

Stazza: … Did my time, took my chances

Ally: Yes, Stazza. Fancy going down the beach in our short shorts after this one, hahaha? 

Stazza: Maybe. Or we could go out the back and have a good spar. 

Ally: No, you’re alright; I fancy my chances at the beach sprint before I spar you again. 

Stazza: Ha-ha, the beach it is. Before I hit play: did you see super Sally Forristal sliotared the Pink Rock 10K, snatching personal silver and county gold? 

Ally: Did she now? That girl sure has the eye of the tiger behind her quiet, science teacher demeanour. 

Stazza: She sure loves the thrill of the fight and rising up against her rivals. 


Forristal is back pounding the streets of the Marble City in her grey sweats in preparation for the Dublin Marathon this October. 

We’re sure it’s going to be a knockout performance.