Post-race refreshment.

This is a Stable News x Stablemaster 10 Race Report.

Welll, this didn’t go to plan. Pollen has been the murder of me (disadvantages of having no hair, no lashes to keep it out of my eyes, or hairs in my nose). Hot as balls morning of the TT. 100% humidity, and my warm-up was sh*t again—oh, and I couldn’t use the bathroom; IDK what’s going on there. Gen UCAN makes me want to vomit every time I drink it now. My body just wants to reject it.

Anyways, felt good the first three miles, then hit a sand road at four miles, where I got yelled at by a guy riding a horse with two more in tow. Why you mad at me, bro? Be organized that there’s a race running on your road, don’t be grabbing the mares when it’s coming. He cut in front of me; one mare was spooked, but I spoke to her and she calmed right down. I knew then any chance of running fast was gone.

Coming off the sand to the road was rough; it completely got my quads and glutes. Hit a few road miles, then more sand—prob like 2.5 miles total. It was rough from the horse and the rains of the last few days. Thankfully, Shawanna came to run my last 1.5 miles with me, which was good because I was slacking off big time.

I think I was about five minutes ahead of the first guy, so it was pretty lonely out there, with lots of turns. Definitely a fast course, if I was having a better day and in better shape. I’ll go back next year. My quads and butt completely tied up, so if anyone can give some advice on that, please let me know. 62:00 for 10, according to VDOT.