The talented Mrs Finn.

Stablemate Helen “Flying” Finn sledgehammered 5’37” off her 21.1K best at the Pisa Half-Marathon with a 1:49:49 clocking! And what’s even more impressive is she’s snagging PBs like that at 64 years old—after a lifetime of running! Who says all the PRs are in the past? Pah

The Stable News leaning tower of laziness, Ally “the Chin” Smith, was attempting to wind down for Christmas, but we shipped him off to Pisa before he could say arrivederci

Buongiorno, Helen! Fantastico!  How’d it go?”

“The weather was perfect: blue skies (but not too warm)—and it was a nice course. We started near, and finished at, the Leaning Tower! Felt good throughout the run (unusual for me!)” 

“You must’ve felt better than good to whack off almost six minutes! What’s next for the gangsta granny?” 

“Ha-ha! Next race booked in is the Boston Marathon next April, but I’ll probably put some more events in the calendar.” 

“Of course you will! Here’s to many more PBs. And have a great Christmas, when it comes!” 

“Thanks, Ally. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas also!” 

The Stable News found Coach Stazza attempting to cut down a palm tree to shove in his living room before decorating it with Maurten gel sachets, short shorts, and a pair of Vaporfly atop: 

Oof … Not too easy to find a Norway spruce around these parts, but needs must! … How’s about young Helen? … 60-odd, and still knocking PBs out the park like I knock out the Chin’s teeth! … What a woman … Now tell me … What’s your excuse? 😉”