Don't be a ...

Mad for marathons, Stablemate Laura “Lolo” Rooney banged out not one but two full ‘thons in the space of a fortnight. First off was Berlin, running 3:03 and smashing six minutes off her PB in ze hot und unpleazant condizions. Then she went mental in Madchester (her 27th mara’ to date) with a 3:06 clocking and seventh category place before rocking up at Dukes 92 for beers (her favourite “food”) with The Stable Crew.

Pinging all over Europe, Ally “Air Miles” Smith was keen to pin Laura down to squeeze out the juicy details from her escapades:

Ally: Alright, Laura, geez the goss! Berlin and Manchester—GO!

Laura: Berlin was flat, but conditions were far from ideal. Was looking to go closer to three hours, but happy on the day. Cups at water stations were a disaster and a reason for lost time! GPS was out due to tall buildings, so it was difficult to see what was needed to finish (Garmin measured 26.71 miles).

After the race is before the race.

Manchester’s course was changed—not for the better. I last did it in 2015, and the pictures of elevation show that the current course is lumpier. Great atmosphere and well supported. Bottles at every station, so happy days!

The old, “lovely” route.
The new, “brutal” route. (“Maybe I was just tired.” 😊)


Ally: Jeezo, Laura! Thanks for pulling all that together for me—an extra 100 feet does make the difference. But I agree that you might have been tired from doing two in two weeks. Incredible running; hats off to you, missus. When’s the next one?

Laura: Ha-ha. Well, I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment, as I’ve the Málaga Marathon on December 12.

The Stable News found Coach Stazza out front on his rocking chair, pipe in hand, muttering away to himself: “What in the world have we just witnessed? A 3:03 and a 3:06 two weeks apart is fan-bloody-tastic running. Laura has plenty of time before Malaga, with the way she bangs out back-to-back runs. Time to get you a sub-3, my girl!”

Never forget the victims of communism.