The boys!

Stablemate “Slam” Duncan Epping hooked his half-Mary PB into next week, scoring a storming 1:25:52 at the Eindhoven Half-Marathon.  

The Dutch hardcore punk and metal fan thrashed a headbanging 4’48” off his previous best from December 2022—all while on Stazza’s Super Base. (He joined The Stable in May this year.) 

En route to a top 10 M45 placing and 175th overall, Epping “enjoyed” the  20℃, 75% humidity, and relatively high dew point. It could’ve been worse, though, as the forecast a week out was for a scorching 26℃. Godzijdank!

Here’s what Slam told The Stable News:

“Coach Stazza gave me a race plan, dividing it up into three sections: start comfortably fast for the first 5km, find your pace for the next 10km, and then finish strong. I managed to nail the pace for the first 15km in both sections, but the last 6 were hard. The weather conditions were taking a bigger toll on me than I expected, and I developed a cold over the weekend, so my legs didn’t feel as they normally do. Nevertheless, I was very happy with how it went and am extremely happy with the PR.”

Battling the elements.

Coach Stazza was slaving away in the Mauritian heat when the News called in for a catch-up: 

“Lads, it’s a hard life over here … The sweat dripping all over my laptop is really annoying … I’d much rather be back home with the wind and rain, ha-ha … Seriously though, what a fantastic canter from Slam Dunc! He followed the race plan to a T, and even with a touch of the sniffles, he finished strong and landed a huge PB … Well in, Duncan!”

Slam has his sights set on another half-marathon in December, in which he hopes to go sub 1:25, before buckling down with some winter training for a sub-3 attempt at the Rotterdam Marathon in April.