Brandenburg great.

Stablemate Barry “the Pianist” McKeon played a blinder at the Berlin Marathon, clocking a sensational 2:57:30 and rattling 10 minutes off his former best. 

The GAA kids’ coach placed 327th M45 as he ran through the streets con brio in perfect conditions. Luckily enough for our lad, he finished before the German sun could turn him into something similar to a bratwurst.

Nice and ginger.

The Stable News scrimped and saved enough for Ally “the Chin” Smith to be there in person, as there was more than one Stablemate to interview. We need to get maximum bang for our buck these days: 

Ally: Guten Tag, Barry; I’ve finally been allowed out the country to see you guys in person. How was it?

Barry: I really enjoyed it. 

Ally: You what?

Barry: Hahaha. Ye, I honestly never thought anyone could enjoy a marathon. I dialled into my goal pace early on, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I passed the 3-hour balloons after 8 miles and left them behind. I was smiling and feeling good until 24 miles, when a little bit of calf cramp told me to mind myself and make sure I got home.


Ally: Clever.

Barry: I managed to complete every 5km split in 20-21 minutes—they were almost identical. The second half was slightly faster than the first, which I was really happy with.

Ally: Fandabi, ma man … Here, get this beer down you. Anything else lined up?

Barry: Ahhhh. Cheers, Ally. I’m not sure, but I do have an entry for Boston 2024.

Ally: Eindrucksvoll! I’m sure you’ll find something before then. Enjoy the beer, bud; I’m off to find more ‘mates.

Barry: Cheers, Ally.

The Stablemaster had barely risen from his slumber when the News chimed in: 

Ugh, cough, cough … H-hello?”

“Goooooood morning, Stablemaster! The Stablemates are off and running, and first past the post is the piano plinky-plonker Barry McKeon with a 2:57. How about that?”

Wh-WHAT? … What time is it? …  I’ve missed my alarm … Woohoo! … That’ll wake you up in the morning, I tell ya … If I remember rightly, that’s around a 10-minute PB for the Pianist … Superb stuff, Bazza! … Good man.”