The Stablemaster winning The German Schools 3000m



They’re under starter’s orders, and they’re off… 

Baker’s Cyst (Ellen) is first out the stalls with a stunning 14″ (unofficial) PB –19:45 
(Stewards’ Enquiry: Ellen stopped during her run and her elapsed time didn’t marry with her 5k time so she her run wasn’t counted, however, with true Stable elan, Ellen went back out and did it again on Saturday and ran a legit, 19:40 (5″ faster than the original run when she stopped). 

Oh, and here comes Mazungu Matt with an incredible, (unofficial)3’06” PB–from 21:03 down to 17:57 (Looks like that five months in Stazza’s Stable High Altitude Training Centre is starting to pay off) 

Amy Cook drops out a cheeky little 20:05: 

Running with Amy, Janae Richardson popped out a 22:04 : 

Melissa Terpenning bringing home a 19:25 (with 200ft climbing in the first 1.5 miles : 

Frontline medic, Becky G Smith, takes time out from playing her part in saving lives and bangs out a solo, 18:46 (just 10″ off her PB): 

Kerry Girl In Cork (Eva E) returns from injury with a solid 22:39 (her first ever recorded 5k) 

The Eternal Student (Andrew McMahon) fires out a bed-wetter’s 20″ PB (17:30) (The Student never gets up before noon) 

Movie Star and ‘one of Hollywood’s most sought-after voice-over artists'(Karina Hollywood Junker) drops out her first 5k in Stable colours: 31:50 
Check-out Karina’s movie stuff: 
No doubt, Karina hopes to star in the blockbuster movie: ‘The Reluctant Olympian’ (a cheeky little screenplay written by…The Stablemaster) 

Honk Kong Fuey, Number 1 Travelling Guy (Andre Blake) blasts out his first ever sub-17 5k and runs a 38-second PB 
Here’s HKF’s thoughts: “Old 5k PB of 17:37 from Edinburgh parkrun 2018. Very happy with 16:59 even if unofficial!” 

The Wild Man From Borneo (Mark Steacy) hammers out a 1’06” PB with a 17:53 

The Elfin Beast (Aoife Cooke) puts down a marker for Crusty – on a lumpy course: 16:39 

Cathy Sully smashes her PB by 42″ with a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, 21:18. 

Johnny The Carpenter O’Sullivan chisels out a ‘Top Of The World’, 17:18 

Mark(s and spencers) Murphy shows his store quality with a 19″ PB, breaking 18′ for the first time:17:59 

Ken ‘Animal’ Ince tears up Cork with a 10″ PB: 16:40 

Crusty (Damo Kenneally) bikes–I mean runs–15:42/15:49/15:50/16:43 
(Stewards’ Enquiry: Stablemate Kenneally claims the cops stopped him during his ‘Match’. In the interest of transparency and fairness, we are deciding whether to publish the full transcript of the WhatsApp messages, which provide all the evidence involved in this enquiry… ) 

Mark ‘The Floorlayer’ Cox floored a flawless 29″ PB as he laid down a brilliant 18:14 

The Pedagogue (Liam Lyons) delivered a lesson in 5k ‘Match’ running as he stormed to an (unofficial) 42″ PB, running 17:05 

Schoolboy, Oisín Daddy-Long-Legs Spillane put down a crackerjack 6″ PB ‘Match’, running 16:20 

Peter ‘The Greyhound’ Noone whippet[ted] out a gutsy 19:18 into a brutal headwind 

Garrett The Spud Monster Kelly, in heavy training, gutted out a super solid 18′ on the button 

David Not So Greene flies to a legit (unofficial) 24″ PB, zipping around his ‘Match’ in, 16:20 

Christina The Flying ‘Finn’ Mischa skated to a slippery 19:51 in horrendous conditions 
(Note: Christina is top class x/c ski coach – more about Christina soon…) 

Lord Enda Kiernan mowed out a great 21:09 on his back lawn this morning 
(Stewards’ Enquiry: sources close to Lord Kiernan, saying he did the 5k on his sit-down lawnmower…) 

Colm Daly, after a long time out of the sport comes back with a head turning, 18:07 

Alissa Packer, MD, heals herself by running 23″ per mile faster than goal time and a PR at altitude: 21:19 

Tawny Super Mom Bybee pings out a stunning 18:04 at altitude 

Dustin four-min miler Bybee runs a controlled 15:46 at altitude 

Ryan The Coach Bybee follows his baby bro home in 16:12 at altitude 

Ian The Silver Shadow Patterson busts his 5k cherry with a cheeky 18:48 
(Extra kudos for sweet talking The Stablemaster) 

Jeremy Daktari Henrichs, MD(specialising in Sports Med), while eating slabs of cinnamon cake, ran a 35″ PR – 20:50 

Lorri The Altruist Randle see the link… 

Danny ‘The Ultra Trail Prince’ Ellis drops down from 100 milers to 5k and plonks down a 17:33 at altitude! 

Scott Allen took a break from hammering the marathons to drop out a 21:19 (at altitude) and he wants to go faster… 

Returning from a niggle, Josh Ultra Baby Robles gave it some welly with a 21:11 at altitude 

Riley ‘Captain’ Cook leads by example and throws down a 14:47 at altitude, after coming back from a broken back and life threatening illness ( exertional rhabdomyolysis) 

Gaynor ‘Glorious’ Watts shed her ultra shoes and popped out a 1’03” PB – 21:52 

Jason Cisney, coming back from sickness and niggles, slips out a 5000m on the track in 19:03 

Derek ‘Transverse Abs’ Ahern comes back from horrific transverse abs tear to run a 20:59 

Iain O’ Callaghan returns form knee niggle to push out a 20:28 

Supercop Ollie Serpico O’Sullivan, fresh from throwing the book at Crime Boss Alf Menzies, runs 18:47 – a 24″ PB and gains extra points for title of the day 

Toby Popsicle Johnson made a welcome return to the halcyon days of his yoof, with a blast around the track in 18:44 

Hyrum Baby Face Johnson pops his da, with 16:29 on the track (he must have lapped his old fella 

Sophie ‘Twins’ Carter overcame a nose bleed, a possible pulled intercostal from coughing, and carrying twin ‘aliens’ to run an incredible 29:29 

Rumbled Crime Boss (Alf Walking Stick Menzies)broke free from his cell and managed to get in a honest effort: 25:58 

High school coach and 2:45 marathon mom, Jen Hughes, took a break from coaching hurdling (of sorts – I see everything) and unleashed an 18:20 

‘Fresh’ from his recent 50 miler, Eric Nelson crawled out of bed and like an Antelope bounded ‘gracefully’ to a 21:34 

Ranked number 7 in the USA over 24hrs, Ultra legend,Chrish Krash Pope, ran a mind-boggling 18:37 

Irish Olympic marathon hopeful, Joy The Girl Racer Miller, pinged out a 17:24 (her lace opened during the ‘Match’) 

Medics told him he’d never run again. But, like Steve Austin, we rebuilt him and made the first ever Bionic Running Manbot – Kraig The Daddy Of All Daddies Packer ‘gutted out’ an awesome 19:25 

Dave Laces Mullins pulled more excuses than a schoolboy about the dog eating his homework and handed in a 20:34 

Stephen Who had my pants down*Rooney fooled nobody with his 18:56 
(*Stablemate Rooney was done a kipper on April Fools…) 

Michael Forde got the Devils’ Work Done with a hell-fire 17:36 

John Paul McCarthy ran a course PB and a his second faster ever 5k with an excellent 18:18 

James Appendixless Forrest came back from life saving surgery to run 25:31 

Jens where’s my compass Waechter found his way to running 19:41, just 8″ from a PB 

Marcus The Influencer Brown selfied, podcasted, videod, and ran his way to 18:40 

Ally The Long-legged Staffy, running into a savage headwind, boxed-off a 23″ PB – 22:05 

Jack the Ripper Spencer recovering from his recent 26-minute marathon PB of 2:55, turned out to run a 19:26’Match’ 

Melanie Cook The Books Conger gave a good account of herself and the ledger show some good numbers: 21:32 

Klemen Scouser Magajne made a decent return from prolonged sickness to run 20:09 

Padraig Birthday Boy Sheahan shows on his 55th birthday that age is no barrier as he knocks off 40″ from his 5k PB to run an incredible 17:40! 

Dee Sheahan delights hubby with a 2″ birthday PB pressie to run 23:08 (what a day for the Sheahans) 

Ken Iron Man Clifford parked the bike, whipped off the wetsuit, and slipped on the racing slippers to run a 23:10 (good going for an Ironman) 

Sonali Desai whacked out her first ever 5k and ran a sub 28′: 27:59 . Great solo effort for a first lash at the 5k. 

Kurt Chili Pepper Olsen made a great comeback after being plagued with achilles trouble to run 23:10 and he served up some spicy flattery and super hot excuses 

Deano The Young Book Keeper Toland making a comeback niggles and par-tay-ing, drops out a 19:03 

Damien The Farrier Roche (he really is a farrier) drops out a stunning first ever 5k to run 19:25 (Disqualified for blatant cheating 🙂 ) 
(Stewards’ Enquiry: The Farrier’s run is showing a tad short. Notes from the deliberations: “The farrier is relatively new to the sport, of impeccable character, and it’s likely to be an innocent mistake.” “…Yes, but, he’s been in the horsey game for a long time and as we all know know, horsey people are well dodgy.” “…In his comments, he does draw attention to his folly: suggests innocent mistake.”Nothing for it but a DQ.: the rules are clear.”) 

Declan I love 8ks Murphy, on the quest for marathon glory, banged out a solid 18:40 

Mark Amyes starts his comeback with hard fought 25:19 and lays down a benchmark… 

Paul 51′ for 10 miles Moloney dinks out a sublime 15:15