Sterner stuff.

Stablemate “Dazzling” Darren Aldridge clocked a twinkly 2:53:30 at the Dublin Marathon, securing a “Good For Age” Berlin spot and sparkling 1’26” off his best from Belfast back in 2021. 

Shining through the streets of the big smoke, Dazzler glistened as the rain beaded on his pale skin with the light breeze flowing through his silver mane. The grey fox was well up the mass participation standings—388th overall and 20th M50! 

The Stable News Dublin dynamo was bouncing about Merrion Square Park for the next of the Stablemates to cross the line: 

Ally: What … What’s that blazin light careening towards me? It can only be one man: Dazzling Darren!

Darren: Phew! How’s it going, Ally? Glad that’s over!

Ally: I’m loving life here in Dublinia, ma man. That was some pace you were coming in at; how’d you find it?

Darren: It went well. I was aiming for sub-2:55 to qualify for Berlin next year. Felt strong throughout and held a steady pace all the way.

Ally: You looked as strong as an ox, man. Massive well done to you. Anything else lined up, or are you waiting till after Crimbo?

Darren: No racing till about mid-March—might aim for a couple of 10Ks. 

Ally: Good stuff, Daz. I’ll let you get off and grab some recovery drinks, and I’ll be seeing you about once I’ve snatched the rest of the ’mates.

The Stablemaster was staring up at the Milky Way from his rooftop terrace on Stazza Island as he gave the News this comment:

“Twinkle, twinkle, little, star … How I wonder what you are … Up above the capital so high … Like a diamond, Darren sure did fly!”