Peak performance. (Photo credit: @lightknife.jpeg)

Stablemate Elise “Cheesy” Beacom blasted the Burnley Half-Marathon in a flabbergasting 1:22:24, placing 17th woman and slashing 1’23” from her PB set in February of this year! 

The race incorporated Round 9 of the Athletics Victoria XCR series and doubled up as the state’s half-marathon championship. Our wee cheese bite was in good company. 

Cream of the crop.

The event was held in Melbourne, Australia. And guess what? The conditions were perfect—cool, with sunshine and no wind. What a shocker. 

With the Stable News budget teetering between the red and the black, Ally “the Chin” Smith had to settle for a phone call to get us the scoop: 

AS: Yawn. Good morning, Elise. I’ve stayed up well past my bedtime to get the juice for the News; tell me all about it. 

EB: Got to the start line a bit late, as the parking was atrocious. Nothing like a bit of stress to get you fired up. 

AS: Oh, yes … Gets the adrenaline pumping. 

EB: It was a flat, looped course—you run four laps, so you get to see the race unfolding on the other side (and reap the benefits of friends cheering for you).

My plan was to run steady the first 5km and work into the pace I wanted to hold. I remember looking at my watch, which indicated I was running faster than planned. I spent the remainder of the race fighting demons that suggested I might have cooked it early. Somehow, I managed to turn the negative thoughts into positive ones and convinced myself I was a big girl and I’d be fine. I finished strong with a couple of km around the 3:38 mark. 

AS: Nice one. 

EB: I was very pleased with the result, and the Geelong Pussycats (our cross-country team) took the Division 2 week and guaranteed our promotion to the Premier Division next year.  

AS: Far out, mate. Promotion, PBs, and Pussycats; I’m saving up my pennies so I don’t miss the next race. 

EB: Think you’ve missed the boat, Ally. My next outing is a 10K on the Albert Park Formula One Grand Prix circuit this weekend (September 24) and then the half-marathon at the Melbourne Running Festival (October 15).

AS: Well, be sure to tear up the track, and I’ll see you in October. Excellent job, Elise. 

EB: Thanks, Ally. 

The Stablemaster had got himself a little part-time job waiting tables at his local eatery to boost the Chin’s travel budget: 

“Honestly! As if I haven’t enough to do, Ally’s got me bussing tables for extra dough … I’m sure it’ll be worth it when Elise cracks 80’ at that half-Mary … And she’s got a plateful as well … She’s gone back to uni to study sport psychology … What a lass!”