Blue is the colour.

Stablemate James “the Solution” Georgiou (31) snaffled his first-ever sub-3 at the Valencia Marathon with a hair-raising 2:57:42! 

Toeing the line in the city of the 100 bell towers, the Solution stood in awe of the crystal clear blue skies and cool temperatures. Alright for some! 

The Stable News’ jockular journo, Ally “the Chin” Smith, was throwing down tapas when Georgiou gandered over: 

Ally: Munch, munch … How’s it going, James? Good result today, was it? 

James: It was a huge PB! My previous best was 3:10:24—meaning over 12 minutes of improvement!

Ally: Gulp … Jeezo, Jambo! That’s fantastic! Tell me more. 

James: It was the best race I’ve ever done. Amazing route, while being super flat. While also being in an amazing city with great food and drink for post-race … Once I get there. 

Ally: Is that a hint? I can attest that the food and drink are out of this world. I’ll let you go and have your fill after one more question: what’s next? 

James: London in April. 

Ally: OK, OK. Enjoy the grub, and congratulations once again for today! 

It’s coca time.

The Stablemaster was feeling in a holly jolly mood when the News breezed by: 

Here comes Stazza Claus / Here comes Stazza Claus / Right down Stazza Claus Lane.

Oh, ‘tis the season and all that … And what better gift for me than our James breaking 3 and chopping more than a dozen minutes off in the process? … Boo-ya!”