The pipe before the fall.

Stablemate and former GQ model Paul Moloney has broken his silence about his Irish Life Health National Senior Track & Field Championships 10,000m catastrophe in a “tell-all” report. He took a fair bit of convincing; we were on 24-hour surveillance at his property and, after many chaps at the door, he let us in to his home and his heart. 

Moloney, holding back the tears, told us: “The weather was very hot. It was 22OC with strong winds. Us Irishmen aren’t used to that kind of heat.”

He continued: “The race did not pan out like I had planned or hoped. The preparation had been excellent, and I was going into the race very confident of running a good time. The race started fine, and I found a good rhythm that felt very controlled. But a few laps in, I felt a tightness across my abdomen. 

I thought it was a stitch, and pressed on, but as the laps went by the pain was worsening—and it was affecting my breathing. I held on till lap 16, but I was fighting a losing battle. I decided to pull the plug and stop, which was hugely disappointing. What makes it worse is that I can’t pinpoint what went wrong. I had some hip/glute pain in the seven days leading up to the race; maybe this was a factor. This is the first race I’ve ever not completed, and it’s a rotten feeling. Hopefully, I can get another race soon to banish the memories.”

Moloney is right about his preparation being excellent. His Strava log documents 12-straight 100-mile weeks, including such infamous Coach Stazza sessions as 10 x 1K (with 2’ recoveries) at 4’26’’ average pace and a 10-mile tempo in 51:11 to cap things off—unbelievable running from “the Model.”

Paul’s number one fan, Ally Smith, had this to say: “Paul’s an unbelievable runner; I hope he gets a 10K race soon to put this to bed. His wife and kids must be fed up listening to him.”

We caught up with Coach Stazza for some words of wisdom: “‘Moaning Maloney!’ That’s what he’s known as until he stops being a crybaby. Wait till I’m back from Utah—I’ll give him a cuddle and all will be well.”

So what’s next for Moloney? We’re as excited as you to find out! Stay tuned, folks.