A stunning vista.

Stablemate Zach “Thunder” Holt zapped 17” off his PB at the Parowan City Half-Marathon—Yankee Meadow Run in Utah. Clocking a ballistic 1:21:28, the Marvel-mad pilot bagged a bombastic bronze age cat medal and took sixth overall as he cruised down from 8,700ft to 6,000ft. Oh, baby!

The Stable News very own Peter Parker, Ally “the Chin” Smith, swung into action to secure the scoop:

AS: Hey there, Zach. How did it go today?

ZH: I’m happy with the results, mostly because of my effort level on race day. I was hoping for a much larger PR, but my training block wasn’t executed as well as I would have liked. My work schedule really messed up my sleep in the seven days leading up, and the high elevation impacted my performance much more than I anticipated.

But I left it all out on the course and couldn’t have pushed any harder, so I’m satisfied. 

Nothing more to give.

AS: Simply marvellous! Even with a few hassles in the run-up, you still secured a PB and a great time. Anything else in store?

ZH: Thanks, Ally. Yeah, I have the Big Bear Marathon in November as my next goal.

AS: Super-duper stuff! Congrats again, and I’ll catch up with you soon.

ZH: Thanks, Ally.

Mayor’s Loop crew represent!

The News stopped by Stazza’s Tower while he was flying his remote control Quinjet:

Rahh-ahh-aah-ahh-aahhh! THUNDER! Yes, Zach the lad … He charged down the mountain with the ferocity of the Hulk combined with the composure of Black Widow … Now it’s time to rest up before we crack on to Big Bear … OK, big guy, the sun’s getting real low.”