Crossing the line.

Stablemate Wing “Iceman” Hoe Yee scored a geographical best at the Ipoh 7 Bridges Half-Marathon in Perak, Malaysia. The committed Gooner clocked a brain-freezing 1:34:52 in sticky and clammy weather while placing 20th overall and 14th in the open category.

Breaking free.

The Stable News eventually pinned down the elusive hotshot en route back to the States: 

Ally: You’re a hard man to get a hold of, Wing. Tell me all about it. 

Wing: I felt like I had a lot left, but I couldn’t fully optimise what I had. Maybe because of the humidity, maybe I was too tired due to jet lag and travelling. 

Ally: OK, but you still set a PB of sorts, didn’t you? 

Wing: Yes, it was a three-minute PB on Malaysian soil, compared to last year’s 1:37:40 in Kuala Lumpur. But it was seven minutes off my real PB that was set in Hobble Creek last month.

Ally: Tremendous stuff. Even with circadian dysrhythmia and soupy conditions, you done the business. Anything else lined up? 

Wing: Not until April 6 2024—the Mt Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas. 

Ally: Excellent; you’ll bank plenty of training from now until then. Congratulations again, and I’ll let you go catch your next flight. 

Wing: Thanks, Ally. 

Lights of home.

The Stablemaster was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee when the News got him:

Doosh, doosh, doosh Doosh, doosh … Oh yeah, the sharpness is coming back … I’ll be in tip-top shape in no time … What about Iceman, then? … A crackerjack half-Mary in his homeland … Even after the long-haul flight, he still produced a peach of a performance. Immense work, Iceman.”