Stablelove Sexarathon ‘Match’: Prelude To A Kiss, 5 miles–29th April

RILEY COOK: Back in the groove

Let’s get ready to rumble… 

Just a little reminder that the second ‘Match’ in the Stablelove Sexarathon Series—Prelude To A Kiss, 5 miles—takes place on the 29th April. 

It’s open to all and entry is free. For more details about the ‘Match’, the Sexarathon and how it all works, go to: 

Current standings: 

1st – Riley Cook – 12pts 
2nd – Padraig Sheahan – 11pts 
3rd – Matthew Maynard – 10pts 
4th – Andrew The Globetrotter Blake – 9pts 
5th – Mark Steacy – 8pts 
6th – David Greene – 7pts 
Joints 7th – Paul Moloney, Oisín Spillane, and Hyrum Johnson 6pts 
10th – Liam Lyons – 5pts 
11th – Ken Ince – 4pts 
Joint 12th – Dr Jeremy Henrichs, Andrew McMahon, and Mark Cox – 3pts 

All other male participants – 2 pts 

1st – Cathy Sully – 12 pts 
2nd – Becky Smith – 11pts 
3rd – Dr Alissa Packer – 10pts 
4th – Gaynor ‘Glorious’ Watts – 9pts 
5th – Eva E – 8pts 
6th – Ellen Hanley – 7pts 
Joint 7th – Sophie Carter, Aoife I’m not competitive Cooke, and Lorri Randle – 6pts 
10th – Sonali Desai – 5 pts 
11th – Joy Miller – 4pts 
12th – Tawny Bybee – 3pts 

All other female participants, 2 pts. 

Time to clean your racing flats/cheaterfly shoes, wash that sweaty singlet, and iron your racing briefs/knickers…